All of my fixed-price services are offered as a single charge. I won't bill you for a virus removal and a system cleanup and an OS installation. It's always going to be a single fixed price for each device that I work on. In all cases of escalating issues that require hourly work or replacement parts, you'll be contacted before I proceed with anything. There will never be surprise charges on your bill.

Please note that I cannot provide you with prices up-front, as they vary from one specific issue to the next. If you think that you require a particular service, please request a quote and provide as many details about the issue as possible.


Virus and Malware Removal

For most computers exhibiting strange behavior, this is the go-to service that I provide. Whether they're contracted through poor browsing habits, or simple naivete, viruses are often a little harder to get rid of than simply running an antivirus scan. What's more, misguided attempts at removal can sometimes worsen the situation, or leave remnants of the virus that can continually resurface over time. That's where I come in.



System Cleanup and Optimization

Provided for free with all other services, but occasionally as a standalone service, a system cleanup is where I clear out all the junk from your computer and give it a thorough tune-up. While there are many software solutions available online that claim to offer this, the overwhelming majority of them are, in fact, malware (a type of software that behaves maliciously). If your system is running especially slow, this is the service that you're looking for.



OS Installation

On rare occasion, a system will be so heavily compromised that the best way to deal with it is with a complete reinstallation of the operating system (or OS). In cases like this, I'll provide temporary backup services, so you won't be losing your data when I need to resort to the nuclear option. As a bonus, I'll install a suite of open-source software to provide for basic functionality while you get your system back to where you want it.



Data Recovery

If your computer is toast, or acting up in such a way that you can't even boot into it, but you'd rather just purchase a new one rather than spend the money fixing the one you've got, this is the service for you. I can pull the data off your old computer for you, and in some cases, I can even convert the old hard drive into an external storage device.



Secure Deletion and Recycling

Got an old desktop or laptop cluttering your house up that you don't know what to do with? For a small fee, I can pick it up, perform a secure wipe of the hard drive (to safely remove all of your personal information), dismantle it, and take it to an appropriate recycling center for you. Don't risk your personal information or waste your time, space, and gas hassling with it when I can do it for you!


Hardware Upgrade or Replacement

Failing hard drives, faulty batteries, and busted screens are no problem for me, and for those simply looking to juice their system up, I can provide upgrades such as more memory, a bigger hard drive, or a faster CPU. All hardware replacements and upgrades are charged at an hourly rate for labor, plus the cost of parts. Unlike most of my services, the cost of parts must be paid up-front, before I even order them, though the cost of labor is payable upon satisfactory completion of the work.



On-Site Repairs

If you don't feel like turning your computer over to me to get the work done (or simply can't), I can just as easily come to your home or office and do the work there. Bear in mind, however, that at an hourly rate, this can sometimes be pricier than a fixed-price repair. This is also a good option for those without one, all-encompassing issue, who are simply looking for assorted troubleshooting with a variety of lesser problems.



Network Setup and Troubleshooting

Whether it's your internet acting up, a printer on the fritz, or just basic network setup, I've got you covered. If you're on a wired network, I can get you upgraded to a wireless one for compatibility with mobile devices, and if you're already on a wireless network, I can help to extend its range or increase its signal strength. In the case of upgrading to a wireless network or extending the range of an existing one, as with parts, the cost of any new network devices required is payable up-front, with the cost of labor payable on satisfactory completion of the work.



Custom-Built Computers

While pricier than something you'd get off the shelf at a retailer like Walmart or Best Buy, the computers that I build will last longer, have individual warranties on parts (meaning easier and cheaper repair), and will perform more capably than anything else you could get at the same price point. Building a computer for a client is a more detailed process than a typical estimate, so it will require a little more back and forth communication than usual.