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Is your computer slowing down, shutting down, or otherwise exhibiting strange behavior? Are you experiencing mysterious error messages? Do you have dead or dying computers whose data you'd like to recover? Looking to recycle, sell, or donate a computer and need your sensitive information permanently removed?

Do you need a powerful PC built for gaming or specialized work such as digital video editing? Looking to upgrade an aging desktop computer? Are you simply looking for help shopping for or setting up a computer, printer, or home network?

Do you run a business too small to justify a contract with a major IT firm, but still need a technician from time to time? Do you work for a larger business and just need an extra pair of hands to assist with software deployment or running network cables in your office? Finding yourself in need of a computer technician to fill in when yours fall ill?

Don't hesitate, contact Sova Computer Services today! Located in Connellsville and offering at-home service to the surrounding area, I'm available 7 days a week from 8AM to 8PM. I offer quick, affordable repair service for desktop and laptop computers, home networks, and other assorted tech troubleshooting, with an average turnaround of two days. I'm also available for freelance contracting and consulting for small businesses and organizations.


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All estimates are free, though a hands-on diagnosis is required in most cases.



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